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What others say about us

“Since the moment my husband and I, met Dr. Tolaymat we felt a positive energy.  Dr. Tolaymat has this aura around her that made my us feel at ease.  Dr. Tolaymat is very knowledgeable, no wonder why my Obstetrician referred me to her.  She explains everything so diligently, taking the time to answer any questions without rush of time.  I really recommend Dr. Tolaymat for anyone in need for a high risk Obstetrician.  By the way, she also scans her patients and my God what beautiful 3D pictures she was able to get from my baby!


PS. Very friendly staff and thank you Jasmine for playing with my son! My son has never been so happy to visit any doctor with us, but because of you he wants to go back with us again for the follow ups, looking forward to seeing you ;)”

Sandy Stevenson2015Google reviews

“I have been referred by my Ob/Gyn to see Dr. Lama Tolaymat.  I was not sure why I needed to see her however, I followed my Ob and made an appointment.  As soon as I called the office of Dr. Tolaymat at Sunshine Perinatology her staff was able to scheduled me within a few days. 

Throughout my first meeting with Dr. Lama Tolaymat she took the time to carefully explain to me why I was referred to her.  The manner that Dr. Lama responded to my questions, I knew that she is an expert nonetheless, she explained it very clear and simple way-as I am not a doctor. 

Then she moved me to another room and she scanned me herself.  Dr. Tolaymat took beautiful pictures of my baby which she gave to me and burned a Cd for me to take.  I honestly, felt that she spend more time with me than any doctor I have seen in my entire life.  She literally spent at least 1 hour and 35 minutes and she never looked like she was in a rush.

After, that amazing first impression, I wanted to go back to see her but unfortunately she said that I do not need to see her again.  I was sad but she told me that I was fine and that there was no need to come back to her office because I was in the hands of a great Obstetrician and after her scan and analysis she concluded that I did not have to be rescheduled. Of course, she did mentioned that if my Ob wants to schedule me again for any reason that she will be delighted to see me. 

In summary, although I only got to see Dr. Tolaymat once I truly recommend her to any Ob or patient in need of an excellent perinatologist.  Dr. Lama Tolaymat is a very compassionate, warm and professional doctor.”

Shirley Peters2015Google reviews

“Dr. Lama Tolaymat is an amazing doctor!  She takes all the time needed to explain everything and she is very personable.  I had a very difficult pregnancy with many complications.  However Lama was able to resolve my complications and I had a healthy and beautiful baby.  THANK YOU LAMA & MAY GOD BLESS YOU!”

Miriam H.2015Google reviews

“Soy de Venezuela y estoy 3 meses embarazada. Mi Obstetra me recomendo la Doctora Lama que se especializa en Obstetra de alto reisgo. La doctora fue excelente, trato todo Lo posible con us Espanol de explicarme todo y la entendi muy bien. Gracias a Lorenzo el Espanol que se porto muy bien con mi esposo! Les recomendo a todos los Venezolanos, Hispanos y cualquier nacionalidad la doctora Lama!”

Veronica C.Jan 30th, 2015http://www.vitals.com

“The staff is very friendly and professional, more than a clinic it feels like a spa! Dr. Lama is so personable and an expert with high risk Obstetrics! I am so happy my OB referred me to Sunshine Perinatology Davenport location!”

Tamara WilsonJan 30th, 2015http://www.vitals.com

“I just moved to Orlando a few months ago from Brazil. I am 6 months pregnant and I have a rare medical condition which I was diagnosed with many years ago. The name of my condition is Von willibrand. Dr. Tolaymat help guiding the rest of my pregnancy so easily. She made it so easy. I am forever thankful.”

Claudia OlivieraJan 25th, 2015http://www.vitals.com

“Dr. Lama Tolaymat was very pleasant and seems she is very good at high risk OB. She explained all to me in a way my husband and I was able to understand. We left the office stress free even though we were both so nervous before our meeting. Thank you Lama and Sunshine Perinatology.”

Joana V.Jan 20th, 2015http://www.vitals.com

“Because of Dr. Tolaymat I was able to have a safe and healthy precious girl! Thank you Lama and your team at Sunshine Perinatology!”

Brenda R.Jan 10th, 2015http://www.vitals.com

“I don’t have the words to express our gratitude to Dr. Lama Tolaymat for all she has done for my family and myself throughout my pregnancy, she is above and beyond! Thank you Dr. Lama!”

Feb. 9, 2015http://www.ratemds.com

“Excellent doctor and Nina at the front desk thank you for translating you speak great French! Eloise from Haiti”

EloiseFeb. 7, 2015http://www.ratemds.com

“Whom ever has the pleasure to have Dr. Lama Tolaymat is blessed. Dr. Lama T is an ANGEL!”

Feb. 4, 2015http://www.ratemds.com

“Excellent doctor with a beautiful spirit! Debbie Deltona, FL”

Debbie DeltonaJan. 28, 2015http://www.ratemds.com

“Thank you Dr. Wilson for referring me to Dr. Tolaymat!”


“I live in Orlando and was referred to Dr. Lama Tolaymat at Sunshine Perinatology in Davenport, FL. Although I was hesitant because of the distance the drive was worth it! I went to another specialist before who barely gave me 5 minutes. Dr. Lama spent over 1 hour with me, explaining all so well and clear, thank you doctor!”


“Dr. Lama Tolaymat was very compassionate and understanding of both my financial situation and of course my medical issue. Thank you Dr. Lama T. you are a doctor with a heart!” 


“Excelente la Dr. Lama Tolaymat y us Bella clinica Subshine!Silvia D. Colombia”  

Silvia D.2015http://www.ucomparehealthcare.com
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